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Granular Sulphur Black Dye

We bring forth the finest quality Granular Sulphur Black Dye for our esteemed clients. Sulphur dyes are dyed from a dye bath containing Sodium Sulphide and common or Glaubers Salt, and are oxidized by airing or with some oxidizing agents (Sodium Bichromate or Hydrogen Peroxide) in a fresh bath. These Granular Sulphur Black Dyes find their use in a number of industries.

Used In
  • Textile industry
  • Paper industry
  • Fiber industry
  • Paint industry
  • Packaging
    • Std Packaging 25Kg in Drums/bags/carton


C.I No 53185
Synonyms 2,4-Dinitro-phenol sulfurised
Physical Appearance Flashing black flakes or granules
Strength 100% as the standard product
Insoluble matters when in the solution of sodium sulfide I<0.3%
Free sulfur content <0.5%

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